ICP Pneumatic Caliper Brake Type CB32/12

Brand: ICP
Code: 051032202

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufactures an extensive range of pneumatic caliper brakes. ICP air applied caliper brakes are used in applications that require fast stopping and accurate holding.

ICP pneumatic caliper brakes feature replaceable high-quality friction materials. Various models and sizes are available, forces vary depending on the air pressure applied. CB32 caliper brakes generate a maximum braking force up to 620 N.

CB32/12 Features:

  • Braking Force: 620 N
  • Disc Thickness: 12.7 mm
  • Compares with: Coremo, Twiflex
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ICP Air Applied Caliper Brake Type CB32/12

Industrial Clutch Parts is pleased to introduce the new and expanded range of caliper brakes with innovative solutions for every requirement.

Decades of experience combined with continuous feedback with many different users and a careful analysis of their demands have allowed us to develop a range of products that revolutionizes the caliper brake concept with the introduction of many improvements and innovative technical solutions.

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Product Brake
Brand ICP
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Active
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Coremo, Twiflex
Braking Force 620 N
Friction Material Organic
Mating Surface Cast Iron
Brake Disc Thickness 12.7 mm