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Monninghoff High torque 450 friction clutches

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Monninghoff High torque 450 friction clutches

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Code: ICP-1514
Brand: Monninghoff

Monninghoff High torque 450 friction clutches 

Moenninghoff type 450 friction clutches are double flux pole face designs without friction material. 

Friction is generated from steel to steel pole face that are wear free within thermal limits. 

  • Resistant to oil and water

  • Suitable to mobile applications

  • Zero backlash

  • Torque transmitted dynamically with high speeds.

  • 400-2000 Nm

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Monninghoff High torque 450 friction clutches - 400-2000Nm

Electromagnetic pole face clutches suiting difficult environments.

Clutches are engaged by applying a DC voltage to a stationery coil (24V), this creates magnetic flux in the steel rotating body (rotor).  The magnetic flux attracts the armature plate through the air gap and into contact with the rotor. Whereby friction is generated through the magnetic flux.


  • Rotor design together with a two piece armature causes the magnetic flux to cross the air gap twice.

  • Achieves backlash free torque transmission.

  • Twice the engagement force is created leading to high torque and small dimensions. 

  • A flat spring on the back of the armature gives a free release when the DC voltage is removed. 

Engagement and performance limits:

The friction surfaces are gas nitrided and wear is virtually zero provided the conditions meet limits for engagement speed, energy and frequency of operation.

  • Slip times less than 1 second.

  • Minor contamination of the surfaces will be quickly burnt off.

  • Continuous running in oil or water is possible but torques will fall by up to 75%.


  • Clutches with flange mounted coils requiring minimum axial space, need integration into machine design

  • Clutches with bearing mounted coils easier to mount

  • Clutch couplings for in-line drives, usually with type 313 Hexaflex rubber disc couplings, ideal for diesel drives as vibrations are damped

  • Pole face brakes type 460

  • Clutch brake combinations and other special designs

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Clutch
Brand Monninghoff
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Industry Applications Diesel power take-offs, compressor and pump disconnect clutches and agricultural machinery.
Clutch Type Friction
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