OEM Mechanical PTO Clutch Packs

Brand: WPT
Code: PTO Clutch Packs

Industrial Clutch Parts supply complete PTO clutch packs and individual components parts. Various models and sizes are available for different PTO clutch types.

Many PTO clutch pack options for OEM gearbox applications are available:

  • Mechanical clutch pack sizes: ranging from SAE 6 to SAE 18 inch flywheels - Bellhousing from SAE #5 to SAE #0

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic clutch sizes: ranging from SAE 10 to SAE 21 inch flywheels - Bellhousing from SAE #3 to SAE #00

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OEM Mechanical PTO Clutch Packs & Spare Components

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Product PTO
Brand WPT
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Anderton, AP Industrial Clutch, Kraft Power, NACD, PJPower, Rockford, Technodrive, Twin Disc
Clutch Type Power Take Off
Friction Material Organic