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Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a wide range of fluid couplings used to transmit rotating mechanical power. Our range of fluid couplings includes constant fill, fill-controlled and customer-specific couplings. 

Fluid couplings are an ideal alternative to mechanical clutches. Used to provide variable speed and controlled soft start-ups in machine drives to dampen shock loads. The hydrodynamic principals gently accelerate driven machines, limiting torque, and dampening torsional vibrations to provide load sharing.

ICP is a well-renowned distributor for Westcar Fluid Couplings and Sibre Fluid Couplings. We offer a full range of Westcar rotofluid couplings to compare with Voith, Renold, and Transfluid. 

For further information, please contact our technical support team who will be able to help:

Email: website@industrialclutch.com or Call: +44 (0) 1663 734627