Gummi Universal Flexible Coupling - Type BR

Brand: Gummi
Code: Gummi Type BR

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of Gummi Couplings. Universal Flexible Couplings have been designed to protect critical drive train components including shafts, gears, gaskets and bearings.

Gummi Type BR Flexible Shaft Coupling is designed for high-torque applications and transmissions.


  • Universal Flexible Coupling 
  • Similar to Type A but has a more compact design and better operational efficiency
  • Nominal Torque: up to 250,000 Nm
  • 8 different sizes available
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Gummi Type BR Universal Flexible Coupling

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply 'Type BR' couplings to a diverse range of industry applications, including - metal forming, pulp and paper, oil and gas, waste water and transportation.

The BR flexible shaft coupling is designed for high torque applications and transmissions. Similar to the Type A coupling, but has a more compact design and better operational efficiency. It transmits a greater amount of torque while efficiently absorbing shaft misalignment, vibrations, and torque fluctuations.The one piece, non-lubricated elastomeric, nylon ply reinforced molded rubber element ensures easy installation to provide greater solutions to angular, parallel and inflow misalignment issues.

Its simplicity in design and easy installation reduces operating costs by allowing the rubber element to be installed on misaligned shafts. A key feature is the dampening of shock loads and shaft-to-shaft vibrations on your high torque applications and transmissions, extending equipment working life and reducing costly downtime.


  • Blank Bore
  • Finished Bore and Key Way
  • Taper Lock Bushing
  • Integral Hub
  • Spacer Assembly
  • Floating Shaft
  • Axial Hub

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Product Coupling
Brand Gummi
Industry Applications Metal forming, pulp and paper, oil and gas, waste water, transportation
Torque Rating Up to 250,000 Nm