ICP N-Flex Coupling RN(A)

Brand: ICP
Code: ICP N-Flex Coupling RN(A)

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of Industrial Couplings. Available directly from stock for worldwide distribution.

ICP N-Flex Couplings have been designed to accommodate parallel, angular and axial misalignment, whilst absorbing torsional vibrations and shock loads.

N-Flex RN(A) Features:

  • No Lubrication Required 
  • Simple & Easy Maintenance
  • Coupling Sizes: 110 - 250
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ICP N-Flex Coupling RN(A)

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture three types of N-Flex RN Couplings, suitable for almost any pump application. ICP N-Flex RN Couplings are primarily used for pump applications, such as: Water pumps, Slurry pumps, Sewage pumps, Multistage pumps, Split case pumps, API pumps, Chemical process pumps, Metering & Dosing pumps. N-Flex Spacer Couplings can be specifically used for Back Pullout Pumps in which the impeller can be disassembled without disturbing the motor and can be pumped from the base frame.

ICP N-Flex Couplings consist of graded cast iron hubs and a set of ‘H’ shaped highly resilient blocks which accommodate parallel, angular and axial misalignment. The special H shaped design provides progressive stiffness characteristics to absorbs vibrations and shock loads. Therefore, N-Flex Couplings create a smooth and quite operation for your application. Reducing vibration and absorbing shock loads will eliminate noise arising from severe torque fluctuations. 

N-Flex Couplings have been manufactured and designed for easy assembly and disassembly due to their simplicity in construction. They are easily maintained and offer a long service life for your application. 

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Product Coupling
Brand ICP
Industry Applications Pump applications
Actuation Method Mechanical
Max. RPM 5000
Torque Rating 160 - 2,800 Nm