Monninghoff Blue-Line HexaFlex Coupling

Brand: Monninghoff
Code: ICP-151

Monninghoff Blue-Line Hexaflex Coupling

Torsionally Flexible Shaft Coupling Types:
  • 313
  • 323
  • 333
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Monninghoff Blue-Line HexaFlex Coupling

An ideal solution for marine coupling technology.


  • Connects drive shaft and driven shaft like a universal cardan joint

  • Compensating axial, radial and angular misalignments

  • Damps torque shocks and harmful torque oscillations

  • Backlash-free

  • Wear-free

  • Transmitted torque: 100 – 4200 Nm

  • Especially suitable for reversing operation

  • Radial mounting possible

Product Coupling
Brand Monninghoff