Rexnord Tollok Locking Bush - TLK401

Brand: Rexnord Tollok
Code: TLK401

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range Rexnord Tollok locking bushes. The locking assembly design eliminates the cost and complexity of keyways.

TLK401 is a precision-engineered shaft locking device. It is a self-centering, heavy-duty locking bush designed to transmit very high levels of torque. 

  • Torque: 5100 - 207,000 Nm
  • Shaft size: 70 - 340 mm
  • Interchangeability: Ringfeder Rfn 7015.1

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Rexnord Tollok - TLK401 Locking Bush

Rexnord Tollok mechanical locking assemblies transmit higher torques for longer periods of time. Best suited for heavy-duty and specially engineered environments.

TLK401 is a heavy-duty locking bush designed to transmit very high levels of torque. The mechanical devices have the capacity to withstand bending movements from rolls and offer even pressure distribution.

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BIKON DOB. 2010.1
RINGFEDER Rfn 7015.1
MAV 1800
TAS 3015.1 DK
Product Locking Bush
Brand Rexnord Tollok
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Bikon, MAV, Ringfeder, TAS
Bore Size 110 - 425 mm
Torque Rating 5100 - 207,000 Nm
Inner Diameter 70 - 340 mm
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