Rexnord Tollok Shrink Disc - TLK 601

Brand: Rexnord Tollok
Code: TLK 601

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a full line Rexnord Tollok locking assemblies. Shrink discs are precision-engineered shaft locking devices. Designed to create a simple and effective keyless connection that is torsionally rigid and backlash-free. 

TLK 601 is a lightweight shrink disc. It acts as a compression coupling to apply an external compression force to create a friction connection between a shaft and a hollow shaft. The connection is backlash-free and transmits high levels of torque.

  • Torque: 935,000 Nm
  • Shaft size: 95 - 410 mm
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Rexnord Tollok Light Version Shrink Disc - TLK 601

Mechanical locking devices have been manufactured to transmit high levels of torque. Shrink discs are commonly known as compression couplings as they apply compression onto the shaft and keyless bushings as there is no keyway. Tollok locking devices are directly interchangeable with many OEM's around the world, including Ringfeder and Ringspann. 

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B-LOC SD20 (2108)
BIKON 1029/51
Ringfeder Rfn 4051
MAV 2108
TAS TAS 3051
Product Shrink Disc
Brand Rexnord Tollok
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Bikon, MAV, Ringfeder, SIT-LOCK, Stuwe, TAS
Torque Rating Up to 935,000 Nm
Inner Diameter 125 - 460 mm
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