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ICP N-Flex Coupling RNS (H)

ICP N-Flex Coupling RNS (H)

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Code: ICP N-Flex Coupling RNS (H)
Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of Industrial Couplings. Available directly from stock for worldwide distribution.

ICP N-Flex Couplings have been designed to accommodate parallel, angular and axial misalignment, whilst absorbing torsional vibrations and shock loads.

ICP N-Flex RNS(H) is a spacer coupling, suitable for Back Pullout Pumps in which the impeller can be disassembled without disturbing motor and pump from the base frame.

N-FLEX RNS(H) Features:

  • No Lubrication Required 
  • Simple & Easy Maintenance
  • Coupling Sizes: 80 -250

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ICP N-Flex Coupling RNS (H)

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture three types of N-Flex RN Couplings, suitable for almost any pump application. ICP N-Flex RN Couplings are primarily used for pump applications, such as: Water pumps, Slurry pumps, Sewage pumps, Multistage pumps, Split case pumps, API pumps, Chemical process pumps, Metering & Dosing pumps.

ICP N-Flex Couplings consist of graded cast iron hubs and a set of ‘H’ shaped highly resilient blocks which accommodate parallel, angular and axial misalignment. The special H shaped design provides progressive stiffness characteristics to absorbs vibrations and shock loads. Therefore, N-Flex Couplings create a smooth and quite operation for your application. Reducing vibration and absorbing shock loads will eliminate noise arising from severe torque fluctuations. 

N-Flex Couplings have been manufactured and designed for easy assembly and disassembly due to their simplicity in construction. They are easily maintained and offer a long service life for your application. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Coupling
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Industry Applications Pump applications
Actuation Method Mechanical
Max. RPM 5000
Operating Temperature -30°C - 100°C
Torque Rating 60 - 2,800 Nm
OEM Numbers
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