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KTR MINEX-S Coupling

KTR MINEX-S Coupling

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Code: ICP-1929
Brand: KTR

KTR MINEX-S Coupling

A permanent-magnetic synchronous coupling that transmits torque through magnetic forces between the internal and the external rotor.



KTR MINEX-S Coupling

It ensures a hermetic separation of the drive and the driven side in its main function as sealing element in pumps and agitators.

It operates as a reliable seal and prevents serious leakages occuring, for critical media such as aggresive acids. 


  • Permanent magnet coupling

  • Optionally API 685

  • Hermetic separation of the driving and driven side  

  • Resistent to aggressive media   

  • Torque: 0,15 Nm - 1000 Nm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Coupling
Torque Rating From 0,15 to 1000 Nm
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