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Universal Shaft Series XF - Special Execution

Universal Shaft Series XF - Special Execution

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Code: Universal Shaft Series XF
Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture a broad range of Universal Joint Couplings. ICP engineer their shafts according to the individual requests of our customers.

Universal Shaft Series XF offers exceptional high load capacity and covers a torque range of 56 - 1.250 KNm. The special execution design provides high precision and a long service life.

XF Special Execution Features:

    • Heavy & Medium Duty Tunnel Shafts
    • High Precision and Long Service Life 
    • Suitable for an array of Industrial applications

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    Universal Shaft Series XF - Special Execution

    Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture an extensive range of Industrial Couplings. Available directly from stock for worldwide distribution. Universal Joint Couplings are an integral part in almost all industries with mechanical drives. Universal Joint Couplings are also commonly refereed to as Universal Joint Shafts. A mechanical device that allows two shafts not in line with each other limited freedom of movement in any direction whilst transmitting rotary motion.

    ICP Universal Joint Shafts have been manufactured to transmit torque from a driving machine to a driven machine and can accommodate a high degree of misalignment. The installation process is simple and cost effective, the assembly has been designed to slip into place quickly and efficiently. 

    ICP Universal Joint Couplings are best known for their flexibility, reliability and durability. These Universal Shafts have been designed to provide years of service, making them the number one coupling choice for an increasing range of industrial applications.

    The Special Execution Series derives directly from the XA, XB and XC models. The Universal Shaft Series XF derives directly from the XB. It has the same functionality of Model XF, but with much more compact dimensions.

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Product Type Coupling
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    Industry Applications Mechanical drive applications
    Flange Diametre 225 - 620 mm
    Max. Working Angle 15/5°
    Torque Rating 56 - 1.250 KNm
    OEM Numbers
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