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Sibre 70 Series Gas-Liquid Hybrid Buffer

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Sibre 70 Series Gas-Liquid Hybrid Buffer

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Code: ICP-69
Brand: Sibre

Sibre 70 Series Gas-Liquid Hybrid Buffer


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Sibre 70 Series Gas-Liquid Hybrid Buffer

The hybrid buffer runs smoothly with minimal impact force. Unlike the traditional rubber buffers and spring buffers with poor damping effect, which can only eliminate very few impact energy, and cause very serious rebounding.


  • “Gas” spring is set rest the hybrid buffer, in case of high-speed traveling facilities impact on buffers.

  • Most parts of impact energy (over 90%) is transformed into thermal energy.

  • Only very few parts of energy transformed into hydraulic energy in the oil.

  • The absorbing efficiency (attenuation coefficient) is will minimise rebounding speed significantly.


  • Gas-liquid hybrid buffers are widely used for all kinds of production and material handling machineries for mechanization and automation industry.

  • Horizontal Installation: ship-to-shore contain cranes, railway automotive and transportation vehicles for metallurgical workshop

  • Vertical Installation: elevators, mine pit etc

  • Rotation Installation: conveyors, car dumpers etc


During the initiated stage, there will be a certain volume of nitrogen in the gas chamber and a certain volume of hydraulic oil in the oil chamber. As the piston rod reaches its max. out-reach, all components inside the buffer are in stable position.

In case the buffer cap is hit by an accident impact, the oil and gas pressure increases magnificently which is pushed by the piston. Hydraulic oil flows towards to left oil chamber through throttle holes which are formed by the variable shaft and piston rod.

Meanwhile, the oil inside the left oil chamber pushes the insulation kit to left side, the nitrogen gas inside the gas chamber absorbing the impact energy and form the “gas” spring.

In case the collision object left, the “gas” spring will push the buffer elements to their initiated position. While the oil flows through the throttle holes, the mechanical energy will transform into thermal energy, the total efficiency will be no less than 80%. The throttle area variation will be controlled by the diameter of variable shaft. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Buffer
Brand Sibre
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Industry Applications Ship-to-shore container cranes, railway automotive and transportation vehicles, elevators, mine pits, conveyors...
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