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Sibre Brake Disc Coupling ASC-AS

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Sibre Brake Disc Coupling ASC-AS

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Code: ICP-47
Brand: Sibre

Sibre Brake Disc Coupling ASC-AS

Couplings for connection of motor and gearbox input-shaft, optionally fitted with brake disc or brake drum.

Suitable for compensation of axial, radial and angular displacement of shafts.

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Sibre Brake Disc Coupling ASC-AS

The Sibre ASC Series coupling is designed to be driven with electro-motors, medium shocks, irregular load, e.g. for hoisting systems, conveyors, cranes, pumps, ventilators.


  • Replacement of disc without axial shifting of motor

  • Compact dimensions, high torques, simple installation

  • Maintenance free and wear resistant

  • High temperature stability

  • Torsionally rigid and free from circumferential backlash

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Additional Information

Product Type Coupling
Brand Sibre
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