Sibre Wind Turbine Rotor Brake ABS 75 FC

Brand: Sibre
Code: ICP-22

Sibre Wind Turbine Rotor Brake ABS 75 FC

Stopping and/or holding brake for rotor of wind turbines.

  • Rotor Brake

  • Active Brake

  • Hydraulically Applied

  • Single Hydraulic Cylinder

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Sibre Wind Turbine Rotor Brake ABS 75 FC

The Sibre ABS 75 FC Wind Turbine Rotor Brake is an Active Brake, Hydraulically Applied.

The braking force is produced by a variation of hydraulic pressure. The Sibre ABS 75 FC rotor brake is designed as a floating caliper with one hydraulic cylinder.

Sibre ABS 75 FC brakes are suitable for horizontal and vertical brake discs under any angular displacement.


  • Compact and robust construction

  • Fast response time, fast braking for maximum safety

  • Stainless steel piston

  • Sinter linings for high speed/high energy applications

  • Lining retraction springs ensure air gap between lining and disc when brake is open

  • Removable retainers allow easy change of linings Suitable for low temperature applications

  • Long Service life

  • Easy maintenance

Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Wind Turbine