Sibre Wind Turbine Yaw Brake ABT 75 & 90 G

Brand: Sibre
Code: Sibre ABY 75 & 90 G

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a full range of Sibre wind turbine yaw brakes. ICP is a trusted and reliable partner of Sibre Siegerland Bremsen, we are able to deliver directly from stock without delay.

Sibre ABT 75 & 90 G is used for stopping and holding braking operations. It is designed for positioning and holding of pivot-mounted nacelles of wind turbines on the tower.

ABT 75 & 90 G Features:

  • Hydraulically Applied Active Yaw Brake
  • Stopping & Holding Brake for Wind Turbine Generator
  • ABT 75 G Braking Force: 113,000 N
  • ABT 90 G Braking Force: 162,000 N
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Sibre Wind Turbine Yaw Brake ABT 75 & 90 G

The Sibre ABT 75 & 90 G is an active, hydraulically applied yaw brake. The braking force is produced by variation of hydraulic pressure. The ABT 75 & 90 G Yaw Brake consists of two independent caliper halves with opposite hydraulic cylinders. Suitable for horizontal and vertical brake discs under any angular displacement. 

It is compact and robust in design, built for quick response times and fast braking functions for maximum safety. The specialist design provides noise-free braking operations and is suitable for low-temperature applications. The stainless steel pistons offer a strong resistance to wear and ensure long service life.

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Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Wind Turbine
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Compares With Svendborg
Braking Force 113,000 & 162,000 N
Operating Pressure 160 bar
Brake Disc Thickness 20 - 70 mm