A Rather Theatrical Line Up!

Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP), a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial brakes, clutches and friction materials, continues to provide new and improved industrial solutions.

Over the last 25 years, ICP has supplied various clutches and brakes to the Theatre and Amusement industry. ICP recently received positive feedback from its customers at Green Stage Machinery Ltd, who are currently in the process of redesigning a theatrical line of fire curtain hoists.

A fire curtain hoist raises and lowers a safety curtain that separates a theatrical stage from the auditorium. In the event of a fire, the safety curtain will lower automatically to form a safety barrier between the stage and auditorium. By regulation, the fire safety curtain has to lower within 30 seconds. It is common practice to control the descent of the fire curtain by hydraulics.

A common problem with hydraulic brake systems is the difficulty to set up and regulate the closing speed of the descending fire curtains. As such, Green Stage Machinery decided to control the fire curtain descent speed by purely mechanical means instead of a hydraulic system.

Working closely with Green Stage Machinery, it was agreed the Coremo MPA-M Mechanical Disc Brake would efficiently control the descent speed. A perfect solution for safe braking and simple operations where the need for continuous braking is not required and there is minimal space to operate.

ICP is a trusted supplier of Coremo brakes. A full range of Coremo products is available from industrialclutch.com. For further information please contact our technical sales team who will be able to assist you.