1. ATB Laurence Scott – Precision Step System

    ATB Laurence Scott – Precision Step System

    A well-renowned system for positioning applications.

    The ATB Laurence Scott precision step system provides flexibility via simple control electronics requiring no programming expertise and the actuators have predictable friction material lifetime enabling scheduled maintenance. The systems range encompasses type SRA vacuum-operated clutch/brake, type RotaStep air-operated clutch/brakes,

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  2. Canmakers Invest to meet unprecedented demand.

    Canmakers Invest to meet unprecedented demand.

    The impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic have been staggering.

    Very early in the pandemic, the canmaking industry was declared an essential part of the supply chain. The industry adopted stringent safety procedures in order to protect staff and the demand dynamic soared. The surge in demand for aluminium cans, ends and bottles raised to unprecedented levels as consumers stayed at home in order to protect themselves. In the early months of the pandemic, they also started to stockpile essential items including canned goods and beverages. It was difficult to predict if this trend was a short-term blip or something fundamentally different.

    As we continued through 2020 it became clear that the combination of increased interest in more sustainable packaging and the impacts of Covid 19 had created a new level of normal within the industry. The industry boosted production by more than 2.5 billion units in 2020 and it is predicted that the growth is here to stay.


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  3. What does it means for servo brakes to have functional-safety certification?

    What does it means for servo brakes to have functional-safety certification?

    What are Functional Safety Standards for Servo Drives? 

    Detailed below in the article is how functional safety is quantified. Now consider one example of a spring-set pneumatically released friction servomotor brake now having a third-party safety rating (from Intertek Group) certifying compliance with international safety standard ISO 13849-1.

    Intertek is an international London-headquartered inspection, assurance, product testing, and certification organization that issues functional safety standards to industrial products. Testing on these components is executed at more than 1,000 Intertek laboratories and offices across the globe. Spring-set power-off brake excels at locking servomotor-driven loads (and providing unbeatably safe holding) without consuming electrical power or exhibiting torque fade — plus provide far more safety assurance than holding a load with the servomotor, which can also overheat if required to hold an axis stationary t

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  4. Goizper – Bodymaker Clutch-Brakes

    Goizper – Bodymaker Clutch-Brakes

    Goizper Industrial Group is world-renowned manufacture of clutch-brake combinations for heavy-duty industrial equipment, including stamping presses, metalworking, and can body-makers. 

    A clutch brake is the key assembly on any mechanical stamping press or body-maker. It is what starts and stops the press – the catalyst of the system. How well the press starts and stops is heavily reliant on the quality of the clutch brake. If the clutch-brake is in good condition it will impact the machine's throughput and ROI.

    Goizper clutch brakes offer a high

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  5. Which Industrial Clutch?

    Which Industrial Clutch?

    When choosing the best possible industrial clutch for your application, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Torque, response time, operating speed, thermal capacity, and size are some of the details to bear in mind. Other criteria to help determine your selection would be the type of engagement such as a soft start or controlled slip, cycle rates, and maintenance requirements.

    The Power Grip Clutch and the Power Grip PO Clutch are great candidates for the majority of heavy-duty machinery. Below are the general characteristics and strengths to help fine-tune your applications. Clutch Selection There are subtle technological differences between the two types of industrial clut

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  6. Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to grow its ever-impressive partnership portfolio. Schunk are global leaders in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon and ceramic solutions. 

    Working closely alongside Schunk, ICP will be focusing strongly on the wind energy market. Schunk Carbon Technology offers the perfect technological bases for highly efficient electric current transfer, low-maintenance, and reliable operation and also contributes to the noise reduction of wind power systems with innovative carbon solutions for mechanical applications.

    Schunk carbon brushes offer perfect power transm

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  7. Steel & Metal Forming Markets

    Steel & Metal Forming Markets

    Low inertia clutches and brakes are a perfect match for the Steel/Metal Forming industries. The WPT family of products brings performance, reliability, and precision to any equipment.

    The WPT Low Inertia product line is specially designed for presses, shears, high cycle machines, tension control, fail-safe, high heat applications, and coil processors. They also directly replace Wichita models. The unique ventilation design in the WPT design allows cool air into the unit to help dissipate the heat during start-ups and stops. Further improvements were made to reduce the quantity and mass of the rotating parts, increasing machine efficiency.

    The rigid moulded friction materials used in the low inertia line provide uniform torque production and wear rates. Once installed on a machine, the

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  8. Looking forward to events to come!

    Looking forward to events to come!

    Following the cancellation of MACH 2020 last year due to Covid-19 we're delighted to hear that the event has now been rescheduled for 2022. As proud supporters of MMMA we can't wait to exhibit in the 'Metalworking Village'. Read the latest on MACH2022 online here

    Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd specialise in the design and installation of industrial safety components for steel & metal forming applications. Our deep knowledge and experience of industrial brakes, brake parts, and safety components ensure improved operations and outstanding performances.

    ICP has an impressive product portfolio that mee

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  9. Tension Brakes for Converting Machinery

    Tension Brakes for Converting Machinery

    Tension brakes are often used for the winding and unwinding of rolls in converting machinery. Common industries include textiles, printing, paper, corrugated, plastic film, and metal stamping.

    The tension control concept refers to the process of controlling tension while transporting web. It involves the winding and unwinding of rolls/sheets of any size and material. The purpose of the brake is to keep accurate and stable tension throughout the converting process to ensure the highest product quality and productivity. Optimising a web tension control system will ensure that the correct tension is maintained for any size and type of material, regardless of speed or process conditions.

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) supplies various tension brakes to the converting industry. Widely used on unwinders in a great variety of industries. ICP offers several types of tension

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    As we have entered a new year, with familiar problems and some new ones, it’s all the more important to share positivity and good news, to counter all of the doom and gloom the general media has to share.

    UK Manufacturing has many success stories to share and investment in a broad range of industries is looking encouraging for the year ahead.

    A couple of companies we have featured below:

    Aerospace manufacturers target growth by digital transformation.

    Three aerospace manufacturers in the UK are targeting growth through a new streamlined workshop process that speeds up digital transformation. MSM aerospace fabricators, based in Middleton, Xavier Engineering, based in Burnley, and G. Parker Aero Tooling Solutions, based in Accrington, are working with Made Smarter, the movement helping SME manufacturers adopt digital technologies.

    They are using a digital transformation workshop, a process designed to accelerate manufacturing gr

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