1. 2021 Economic Growth

    2021 Economic Growth

    Exactly one year on from the publication of Manufacturing Outlook’s worst results in the survey’s history, the mood music has changed dramatically.

    In what has recently been a dejected pattern of quarters for the industry, manufacturers are now finally able to look to the future with earnest confidence. The industry is certainly not without its challenges, both ongoing and new, but the sector has now demonstrated that it can generate growth despite the still perilous circumstance.

    The first of these antagonising musketeers comes in the form of the novel Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the UK and the EU. The onus of new protocols and paperwork wreaked havoc for British exporters in the first quarter of the year, reflected in the 40% drop in exports to the EU in January. Since then, businesses have overcome many of the hurdles imposed on them by this new arrangement, with the Make UK report detailing significant export improvements compared to the start of th

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  2. Heinz makes major UK Investment

    Heinz makes major UK Investment

    Almost $200 million is to be invested at Europe’s largest food manufacturing plant, the Kraft Heinz cannery at Kitt Green, near Wigan in Lancashire.

    The work, worth £140million, will be focused on modernising manufacturing capabilities at the site over the next four years. It will involve bringing Heinz sauce manufacturing back to the UK, building additional European capacity, upgrading old machinery, and other projects to deliver the plants' environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments.

    Subject to final US approval this will be the biggest Kraft Heinz investment in more than two decades in an existing manufacturing facility outside the US and could create up to 50 new jobs. Kitt Green currently produces 1.3 billion cans of food per year with 94% of that output consumed within the UK. Heinz Beanz, Soups, and Pasta will continue to be produced at the Kitt Green plant for the UK market.

    At a time of economic uncertainty, this proves the conf

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  3. Can Making & Sustainability

    Can Making & Sustainability

    The sustainability advantages offered by aluminium cans, ends and bottles, and news headlines citing the amount of plastic in our oceans and elsewhere in the environment, has already driven significant commercial and consumer awareness into making a change.

    Jason Momoa, star of Aquaman and Justice League, worked with a major producer of aluminium cans in 2019 to launch his Mananalu water in cans as part of his campaign to protect our oceans and slow down the global pollution crisis. When cans get the attention of Aquaman you know things are about to get interesting!

    After years, even decades, of operating in a flat-to-declining demand environment, it appears that aluminium beverage packaging is about to become the star it has always meant to be. The can making industry has already planned significant investment in new can lines and capacity. Setting a real positive target of an additional six billion units by the end of 2021.

    Industrial Clutch Parts are proud

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  4. Genuine Quality Replacement Parts

    Genuine Quality Replacement Parts

    The global clutch and brake scene sees manufacturers who tend to specialise or focus on a narrow band of products. This is one area where WPT Power differs which is their commitment to a vast array of product lines. These products are all commonly used in many industries and applications across the world. This makes part availability of WPT Power products much more accessible and cost-effective. Not only does WPT Power, design and manufacture their own market-leading range, but they also develop ways of improving their assemblies and parts. For example, making them completely interchangeable with most competitor products.

    Whether it’s a Low Inertia Clutch or 

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  5. ATB Laurence Scott – Precision Step System

    ATB Laurence Scott – Precision Step System

    A well-renowned system for positioning applications.

    The ATB Laurence Scott precision step system provides flexibility via simple control electronics requiring no programming expertise and the actuators have predictable friction material lifetime enabling scheduled maintenance. The systems range encompasses type SRA vacuum-operated clutch/brake, type RotaStep air-operated clutch/brakes,

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  6. Canmakers Invest to meet unprecedented demand.

    Canmakers Invest to meet unprecedented demand.

    The impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic have been staggering.

    Very early in the pandemic, the canmaking industry was declared an essential part of the supply chain. The industry adopted stringent safety procedures in order to protect staff and the demand dynamic soared. The surge in demand for aluminium cans, ends and bottles raised to unprecedented levels as consumers stayed at home in order to protect themselves. In the early months of the pandemic, they also started to stockpile essential items including canned goods and beverages. It was difficult to predict if this trend was a short-term blip or something fundamentally different.

    As we continued through 2020 it became clear that the combination of increased interest in more sustainable packaging and the impacts of Covid 19 had created a new level of normal within the industry. The industry boosted production by more than 2.5 billion units in 2020 and it is predicted that the growth is here to stay.


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  7. What does it means for servo brakes to have functional-safety certification?

    What does it means for servo brakes to have functional-safety certification?

    What are Functional Safety Standards for Servo Drives? 

    Detailed below in the article is how functional safety is quantified. Now consider one example of a spring-set pneumatically released friction servomotor brake now having a third-party safety rating (from Intertek Group) certifying compliance with international safety standard ISO 13849-1.

    Intertek is an international London-headquartered inspection, assurance, product testing, and certification organization that issues functional safety standards to industrial products. Testing on these components is executed at more than 1,000 Intertek laboratories and offices across the globe. Spring-set power-off brake excels at locking servomotor-driven loads (and providing unbeatably safe holding) without consuming electrical power or exhibiting torque fade — plus provide far more safety assurance than holding a load with the servomotor, which can also overheat if required to hold an axis stationary t

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  8. Goizper – Bodymaker Clutch-Brakes

    Goizper – Bodymaker Clutch-Brakes

    Goizper Industrial Group is world-renowned manufacture of clutch-brake combinations for heavy-duty industrial equipment, including stamping presses, metalworking, and can body-makers. 

    A clutch brake is the key assembly on any mechanical stamping press or body-maker. It is what starts and stops the press – the catalyst of the system. How well the press starts and stops is heavily reliant on the quality of the clutch brake. If the clutch-brake is in good condition it will impact the machine's throughput and ROI.

    Goizper clutch brakes offer a high

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  9. Which Industrial Clutch?

    Which Industrial Clutch?

    When choosing the best possible industrial clutch for your application, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Torque, response time, operating speed, thermal capacity, and size are some of the details to bear in mind. Other criteria to help determine your selection would be the type of engagement such as a soft start or controlled slip, cycle rates, and maintenance requirements.

    The Power Grip Clutch and the Power Grip PO Clutch are great candidates for the majority of heavy-duty machinery. Below are the general characteristics and strengths to help fine-tune your applications. Clutch Selection There are subtle technological differences between the two types of industrial clut

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  10. Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Schunk Carbon Technology - A New Partnership.

    Industrial Clutch Parts (ICP) continues to grow its ever-impressive partnership portfolio. Schunk are global leaders in the development, manufacture, and application of carbon and ceramic solutions. 

    Working closely alongside Schunk, ICP will be focusing strongly on the wind energy market. Schunk Carbon Technology offers the perfect technological bases for highly efficient electric current transfer, low-maintenance, and reliable operation and also contributes to the noise reduction of wind power systems with innovative carbon solutions for mechanical applications.

    Schunk carbon brushes offer perfect power transm

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