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Goizper Industrial Group

Goizper Industrial Group

Goizper Industrial Group

Authorised UK Distributor for Goizper Group Clutches & Brakes

Goizper Group are the technological leaders in the design and manufacturing of differential power transmission and automation solutions. Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of Goizper Brakes & Clutches, in pneumatic, hydraulic and electromagnetic types. Goizper Clutches and Brakes are well suited for industrial applications which are completely interchangeable with Ortlinghaus & Desch etc...

Goizper Brakes, Clutches and Clutch-Brake Combinations are suitable for a range of applications in different industries. Best used to transfer a motors rotating movement to accelerate and decelerate in short and sharp time periods.

Specific industries include - Agricultural and forestry, textile, access control, elevation and transport, metal deformation, machine tool, construction, and marine.  

ICP offers Goizper components in a variety of different models and sizes. We offer torque ranges that cover from 65 Nm to 150,000 Nm, manufactured to meet an array of industrial requirements. In addition, ICP also offers Goizper Index drives and cams, mechanical clutches and torque limiters. All products are available directly from stock for prompt delivery and reduced lead times. 

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