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Goizper Clutch-Brake Combinations

Goizper Industrial manufactures a diverse range of heavy-duty combination clutch-brakes. The air applied clutch and air released brake are safety approved for metal forming machinery. Directly interchangeable with Ortlinghaus and Desch Lutex®. 

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Combination Clutch-Brakes

Goizper combined hydraulic and pneumatic clutch-brakes function with a dual braking and clutching function. They can be fitted with a progressive piston to make clutching and braking soft, with the ability to withstand damaging shock loads, vibrations and mechanism breakage. 

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies various models and sizes, covering a range of torques from 65 Nm to 150,000 Nm. Hydraulic clutch-brakes are best suited in metal cutting and bending machinery, such as presses, shears, and folders.

Pneumatic combination clutch-brakes obtain the maximum possible torque within the dimensions of the unit, due to the piston reaching the maximum diameter. These clutch-brakes may be mounted with locking rings or key-ways.

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