Steel & Metal Forming

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. specialise in the design and installation of industrial safety components for steel and metal forming applications. ICP has an impressive product portfolio that meets industry standards according to DIN. A wide range of safety components meets the requirements for many steel and metal forming applications.

A wide range of air-actuated or spring set clutches and brakes are available for high cycle operations on presses, shears, and other metal forming equipment that requires a robust, rapid response without shock or noise.

WPT Power low inertia clutches and brakes are a perfect match for the steel and metal forming industry. An extensive product line covers all your equipment needs. Products include the low inertia clutch and low inertia high torque clutch along with the low inertia brake, low inertia spring set brake, and steel water-cooled brake. In addition, the power performance low inertia clutch and brake, and upgrade kits are available. This family of products brings performance, reliability, and precision to any equipment.

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