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WPT Clutches

ICP is the Number 1 Distributor for WPT Power Industrial Clutches

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is the Number 1 distributor for WPT industrial clutch products. WPT Power is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of heavy-duty power transmission clutches. ICP holds stock of both pneumatic and hydraulic clutches, suitable for applications with large inertia loads that need a controlled engagement and disengagements, or allows for fast high cyclical start applications.

The well respected Power Transmission Clutches enable for smooth and precise response times. Designed to absorb heavy shock loads and torsional vibrations, WPT Clutches are ideal for high cycle applications. WPT Industrial Clutches are suitable for rugged and demanding applications operating in the most severe conditions. 

The Power Grip Clutch design accommodates in-line mounting for heavy-duty power transmission. Used in conjunction with either a quick change or standard driving adapter, the Power Grip Clutch is commonly used as a coupling clutch for shaft-to-shaft applications.

Suitable for a diverse range of industrial sectors,  WPT Clutches provide reliable and consistent performance. These Clutches create the correct solution for your mechanical power needs. ICP hold a large stock of WPT Clutches, enabling prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

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