Coremo Modular Twin Brake Type TB05-2

Brand: Coremo
Code: I.T. 040716 TB05 2

Modular Brake TB05-2 Features:

  • Braking Force: 980 N @ 6 bar
  • Dynamic Torque: 126 Nm @ 6 bar
  • Continuous Thermal Capacity: 1.2 kW
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Coremo Modular Twin Brake Type TB05-2 

Coremo Modular Pneumatic Braking Units provide a braking force up to 3.600 N. The combined elements obtain an efficient, reliable and reconfigurable braking system. TB05-2 is a Modular Twin Brake that guarantees high versatility and user-friendly mounting and maintenance operations. Also available in the failsafe version (spring applied) for safety and emergency applications. 

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Product Type Brake
Brand Coremo
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Actuation Method Pneumatic
Braking Force 980 N @ 6 bar
Max. Continuous Temp 1.2 kW
Torque Rating 126 Nm @ 6 bar
Weight Range 1.5 kg