Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch Backlash Free - ETC/BF

Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts
Code: ETC/BF

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture and supply all types of electromagnetic tooth clutches. Suitable for oil-bath and dry running applications.

ETC/BF series is an electromagnetic clutch with a diaphragm-armature plate. Designed with a locking ring for zero-backlash drive systems. The design is suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting.

ETC/BF Features:

  • Point shaped backlash-free tooth profile
  • Permitted in high-speed applications
  • Suited for disengagement under torque load
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Electromagnetic Backlash Free Tooth Clutch - ETC/BF

The ETC/BF design provides an advantage given by the transmission of high torque in relation to the clutch dimension and the complete disconnection of drive transmission, permitting their possible use in high-speed applications.

ETC/BF Versions Available:

  • ETC/BF 00 - with keyway, without position indicator.
  • ETC/BF 01 - with keyway, with position indicator.
  • ETC/BF 10 - with locking ring, without position indicator.
  • ETC/BF 11 - with locking ring and position indicator. 
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Product Type Clutch
Brand Industrial Clutch Parts
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Actuation Method Electric
Clutch Type Tooth
Max. RPM 7000
Torque Rating Static Torque: 80 - 10000 Nm