Goizper Hydraulic Combined Clutch-Brake - 6.23 & 6.24 Series

Brand: Goizper
Code: 6.23 & 6.24 Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Goizper hydraulic combination clutch-brakes. Available in several models and sizes that cover a range of torques.

Goizper 6.23 & 6.24 are conventional or progressive start/stop operations with oil inlet through the shaft or through the hub. Manufactured with dual brake and clutch functions to provide reliable machine control with minimal maintenance.

6.23 & 6.24 Features:

  • Conventional: 6.23 hydraulic clutch-brake
  • Progressive: 6.24 hydraulic clutch-brake
  • Clutch torque: 2500 - 633,000 Nm
  • Brake torque: 1000 - 240,000 Nm
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Goizper Hydraulic Combined Clutch-Brake Series 6.23 & 6.24

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is a trusted distributor for Goizper industrial combination clutch-brakes. We supply quickly to reduce costly downtime for your application.

Goizper 6.23 & 6.24 models are used in the power transmission industry, specially designed for use in mechanical presses, shears, punching machines and other applications that require a high number of strokes per minute as well as an accurate start/stop operation.

6.24 model can be installed with a progressive piston, providing a soft clutch and brake system. Manufactured and designed to avoid harmful shock loads, vibrations and mechanism breakage. 

Goizper 6.23 & 6.24 models are mounted on the shaft by keys and oil inlet through the hub.

Technical Data:

For more information please refer to the product data-sheet.

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Product Type Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand Goizper
PDF Catalogue PDF Download Download
Compares With Ortlinghaus
Torque Rating Clutch: 2500 - 633,000 Nm Brake: 1000 - 240,000 Nm
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Max. RPM 1700
Industry Applications Metal forming
Pressure 60 bar
Clutch Type Clutch/Brake