Gummi Quick Release Valve (QRV)

Brand: Gummi
Code: Gummi QRV

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply Gummi Quick Release Valves (QRVs) which are directly interchangeable with other leading brands.

Gummi QRV is an inline, three-way valve used in applications which require an instant release of air pressure at or near the end of the clutch or braking cycle. Designed with an ultra light piston to allow quick and safe release of air. 


  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Suitable for various configurations and applications
  • Interchangeable with Eaton Airflex QRV
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Gummi Quick Release Valves (QRVs)

Gummi QRV has been designed enable the valve to close automatically when pressure is applied to the clutch or brake element. It then opens automatically to release air generated by the subsequent pneumatic supply line drop in pressure. This immediate release of air from the clutch or brake element results in a significant reduction of lag time. Muffers are also available to reduce noise during air exhaust. 

ICP offer Gummi QRV in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate a wide range of clutch and brake configurations. Available and stocked in the UK for quick delivery. 


  • Spring and Plunger
  • Diaphragm Type
Product Quick Release Valve
Brand Gummi
Compares With Eaton Airflex