ICP HAB-2-75 Hydraulic Caliper Brake

Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts
Code: HAB-2-75

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufactures an extensive range of wind turbine braking systems. Many ICP brakes interchange with major manufacturers in the wind market.

ICP HAB-2-75 is a hydraulic caliper brake used for a diverse range of industrial & automotive applications. Specifically designed for various wind turbine rotors. ICP's braking systems set the industry standard for low noise, safe and reliable braking.

HAB-2-75 Features:

  • Braking Force53,016 N
  • Brake Type: Hydraulic, Rotor, Caliper
  • Wind Turbine: Various
  • Interchangeability: Brembo P75b
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ICP Hydraulic Brake Caliper HAB-2-75 Replaces Brembo P75b

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. has produced an extensive range of lightweight, noise-free braking systems suitable for the majority wind power plant manufacturers. ICP yaw & rotor brakes have been designed for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines.

ICP HAB-2-75 is a hydraulic high-speed rotor brake. Directly interchangeable with Brembo P75b rotor brake, used on various wind turbine braking systems. Available in two different configurations for pressure port and oil inlet; top-mounted and side-mounted dependent on your application.

ICP rotor brakes are used primarily as failsafe brakes during emergency stops under testing wind conditions. Designed to slow, stop and hold the turbine’s rotors; manufactured with a minimum air gap for faster braking and shorter response times. 

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Brembo P75b 20.3100.31
Product Type Brake
Brand Industrial Clutch Parts
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Industry Applications Automotive, Mining, Agriculture, Wind Energy
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Actuation Type Active
Brake Type Caliper
Brake Disc Thickness 20 - 30 mm
Compares With Brembo, Stilfreni
Brake Disc Diameter 300 - 750 mm
Pressure Connection Port 1/4" BSP
Friction Coefficient 0.40
Max. Braking Force 53,016 Mpa
Max. Clamping Force 66,270 Mpa
Max. Wear Of Pad (Organic) 10 mm
Max. Working Pressure 18 Mpa
Pad Area 5447 mm²
Piston Area 4418 mm²
Total Piston Area 4418 mm²