ICP MR/138 Organic Brake Pad Replaces Twiflex 0780123-AB

Brand: ICP
Code: MR/138

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of genuine OEM and aftermarket replacement organic friction materials. 

ICP MR/138 is an organic brake pad designed for Twiflex MR disc caliper brakes. The replaceable brake pads are not genuine Twiflex materials but are a replacement/alternative solution, formulated to provide an alternative to the genuine Twiflex brake pad. ICP has no affiliation with Twiflex.

  • Material: graphite 
  • OEM replacement: Twiflex 0780123-AB
  • Dimensions: 62.5 x 47.5 x 11.7 mm
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ICP MR/138 Organic Brake Pad Replaces Twiflex 0780123-AB

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Twiflex 0780123-AB
Product Brake Pad
Brand ICP
Compares With Twiflex
Friction Material Graphite
Length 62.5 mm
Width 47.5 mm
Thickness 11.7 mm