ICP Wind Turbine Gearbox Bush Type 1

Brand: ICP
Code: ICP-1515

Concentric Bush.

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Our range of bushes are perfect for the support of wind-generator gearboxes. The bushes are positioned either side of the gearboxes and react independently depending on the applied loads and external influences (wind).

Rubber bushes are used to protect the system from shock loads by reducing vibration/noise transmission into the structure.

The gearbox is attached to the turbine frame by the rubber bushes, taking up the small misalignments between the wind turbine components and any compound tolerances.

Once installed, the bushes are an active part of the drive train system. Under normal operating loads, the bushes react to the forces applied on the gearbox.

The drive train system is not a simple dynamic system: the force applied by the mounts on the gearbox is a function of the torque into the drive train system, the frictional reluctance of the gearbox and the power take-off of the electric dynamo or generator.

Analysis of the wind turbine forces has demonstrated that the static system properties of torque and friction properties are insignificant compared to the dynamic inputs. Low frequency harmonics are introduced as a result of the low-speed shaft and rotor system. These dynamic influences are high in amplitude but low in frequency. High frequency harmonics are introduced as a result of the gearbox harmonics e.g. meshing of gears and the harmonics of the electrical generator. Both low and high frequency inputs are directly proportional to rotor speed. The difficulty for the selection of mount system is to avoid excessive excitation of the system's natural frequency at low rotor speed and provide sufficient vibration isolation of high frequencies and higher rotor speeds. Rubber mounts also provide protection to high energy shock inputs, reducing the transmitted load by stored energy in the rubber material.

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Brand ICP
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