ICP3856MP Steel Mating Plate

Brand: Industrial Clutch Parts
Code: ICP3856MP

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply an extensive range of Multi Disc Friction Plates. Manufactured in various materials and sizes, ICP deliver directly from stock for worldwide distribution.

ICP Steel Mating Plates are available in all kinds of sizes, models and splines. Also known as counter or opposing plates, used in both wet/oil-immersed and dry applications.

ICP3856MP Features:

  • Material: Steel Disc
  • Teeth: 3 External Slot
  • Dimensions: 238.8 x 174.2 x 2.7 mm
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ICP3856MP Steel Mating Plate

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture a wide range of Steel Mating Plates, suitable for various dry and wet applications. Designed as the primary heat sink or the means to dissipate energy into ambient surroundings.

ICP3856MP Steel Mating Plate is primarily used for Beniford and Newage applications.

ICP Replaces OEM Part Number References:

  • Beniford: 800-2130
  • Newage: 615/0891

For further information on our range of original quality, heavy-duty friction materials and steel mating plates, please view our catalogue or contact us at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1663 734 627 or Email: website@industrialclutch.com

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Beniford 800-2130
Newage 615/0891
Product Type Multi Disc Friction
Brand Industrial Clutch Parts
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Industry Applications Off Highway, Mining, Agriculture
Friction Material Type Steel
Thickness 2.7 mm
Inner Diameter 174.2 mm
Outside Diameter 238.8 mm