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Automation is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of various goods and services. It performs tasks that were previously performed by humans. Automation is being used in a number of areas such as manufacturing, transport, utilities, defence, facilities, operations and lately, information technology. Industrial Clutch Parts offer a broad range of products suited to the automation industry, clutches and brakes, linear actuators, couplings, friction materials etc.

Faced with growing market pressure, producers must find new ways to improve line operations in terms of speed, efficiency, flexibility and versatility. They are looking to monitor equipment efficiency and control system performance to maximize uptime across the line. They also need to implement sustainability measures to lower the consumption of energy, raw materials and other resources, while minimizing costs.

Ultimately, it is about achieving increased line performance, whatever the product, while optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). All of this is driving a transition from mass production to mass customization; but this transition must not compromise on performance criteria such overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), TCO and sustainability.

The ideal goal is the “extended factory”, allowing the producer to take full advantage of technologically advanced solutions for additional capacity and increased flexibility. In this way, more stock keeping units (SKUs) can be produced, without the need to raise the investment bar in terms of assets or labor force.

Every construction and manufacturing project from the largest skyscraper to the smallest  factory must have industrial machines to help produce the products and buildings that must be built. Industrial Clutch Parts offer a full range of products that work with todays modern factory demands. Working with the Industry leaders the offer is constantly reviewd to keep pace witht he demands of modern automation and technology.  

ICP continue to work alongside key manufacturers in order to ensure we offer our customers the most up to date, Industry 4.0 ready products. Goizper, Nexen and ATB Laurence Scott, to name a few.

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