The Marine sector is a diverse market, ranging from the shipping sector, for transporting people or goods, to fishing craft and other related vessels, through to exploration and drilling vessels and those which lay materials on the seabed. All of which encounter considerable loads and high forces and operate in testing conditions out at sea.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. (ICP) supply a comprehensive range of clutches and brakes in order to combat the heavy loads and high forces. We supply components parts for Marine applications such as steering systems, propeller drive shafts and electric and hydraulic motors, onboard equipment such as loading or anchor winches, mooring and towing winches, pipeline tensioning systems and drilling plants.

ICP has built a reputation as a reliable distribution partner for some of the most respected names in the Marine industry. Our product line includes a complete range of Goizper Clutch-Brake Combinations that cover a torque range from 65 Nm - 150,000 Nm to meet all kinds of demands in the Marine market.

ICP is the number one distributor of WPT Power PTO Clutches and Power Pump Drives to give optimum control on propulsion and auxiliary applications. We also supply a complete range of WPT Water Cooled and Caliper Brakes for heavy duty, dynamic braking and tensioning on anchor/mooring winches and deck machinery applications.

Our product line also includes Eaton Airflex Constricting Drum Clutches & Brakes. Specifically designed for use on a rudder propeller to improve vessel maneuverability by stopping the propeller shaft as fast as possible, to prevent engine stalling during hard reversing maneuvers and to reduce the thermal load on the reversing clutch. In addition, Eaton Airflex manufactures Clutches & Brakes featuring ventilated friction shoes to permit clutch slippage at low-energy rates during vessel maneuvering, as well as at high-energy rates for cycling engagements - the ideal solution for main propulsion applications.

ICP offers a comprehensive range of replacement Ortlinghaus component parts for the majority of Marine applications. Our large stock ensures prompt delivery and reduced lead times.

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