Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. manufacture and supply a wide range of products designed for all areas of the packaging industry. ICP's offering aims to improve production or increase automation. Our large stock of products ensures prompt delivery and increases uptime for our customer's packaging systems.

ICP supply products to a comprehensive range of packaging machines such as form fill and seal machines, palletizers, case patchers, bottle/filler cappers, bag filling systems, pouch packers, carton machines, and shrink wrappers. Often delivering direct from stock, ICP aims to increase uptime and optimize performance.

ICP has built a reputation as a reliable distribution partner for some of the most respected names in the packaging industry. ICP is an Authorized UK Distributor for Nexen Group, supplying a complete range of Nexen products. With high torque and reliable performance, Nexen’s air and spring-engaged products out-last the competition. Our product line includes Nexen’s flange-mounted clutch/brakes designed to create a precise stop and start control for the in-feed conveyors.

Our large stock of ComInTec Torque Limiters is ideal for almost any packaging machine on the market. ComInTec Torque Limiters provide critical synchronization of the drive-train after a torque overload situation. Torque Limiters offer single position engagement to time the interdependent sequences within a diverse range of packaging machines. 

ATB Precision Step System is also part of our product offering. ATB Laurence Scott SRA & Rotastep Systems are ideal for accurate, precise positioning and fast shaft motion in production machinery. 

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