Pulp & Paper

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. (ICP) offer a wide range of products for machinery used in the Pulp and Paper industry. Our comprehensive range of clutches and brakes to replacement rotary unions, friction pads, and discs are ideal for the processing of Pulp and Paper. 

ICP products provide reliability and control to prevent overloads and jamming where large inertia on startup is needed and high-speed processing is utilized. ICP supply a complete range of WPT Water Cooled Brakes (WCB), ideal for the Pulp and Paper industry. WCB provides smooth and consistent operations for all types of Pulp and Paper applications, such as paper tensioning, film, corrugated paper, and others.

ICP is an Authorized UK Distributor for Eaton Airflex Clutches & Brakes. Eaton Airflex products can be used on almost any Pulp and Paper application in the market. ICP supply a full range of Eaton Airflex products from Constricting and Expanding Drum Brakes, best suited for applications where large inertia loads and sustained slippage would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life, to Air Cooled & Water Cooled Brakes to maintain a constant tension or pull on the material. 

ICP has built a reputation as a reliable distribution partner for some of the most respected names in the industry. We supply clutches, brakes and component parts to the majority of Pulp & Paper applications, markets include Calendar, Converters, Couch, Dryer, Presses, Pulpers, Rewind Stand, and Slitters.

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