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Pulp & Paper - Product Range:

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of water-cooled brakes, overrunning clutches, tension brakes, and spare parts to prevent overloads and jamming where large inertia on startup is needed and high-speed processing is utilized.

ICP supplies a complete range of WPT water-cooled brakes commonly used in paper mills. Designed for smooth and consistent operations, built for severe high-heat braking applications where heavy-duty constant slip tensioning is required. Typical applications include paper tensioning, film, corrugated paper, and others.

Eaton Airflex clutches and brakes operate on almost any Pulp and Paper application in the market. Eaton's constricting and expanding drum brakes combat large inertia loads and sustained slippage, which would normally result in loss of torque and reduced operating life. 

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