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Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable

Wire and Cable

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. (ICP) set the benchmark for all Wire & Cable market constructors and operators. Our vast knowledge and experience provide reliable and efficient braking systems for almost any type of application in the Wire & Cable market. 

ICP Pneumatic Caliper Brakes are used on almost any type of machine in this market, such as pay-off stands, extruders, cable treatment lines, braiding machines, tubular stranders, planetary cablers, twisters and many more. Our large stock of Pneumatic Caliper Brakes ensures prompt delivery and increased uptime for our customers.

ICP understands the importance of using appropriate Friction Materials for applications in this market. Due to the vast range of Cable & Wire machines, specific knowledge of the appropriate friction materials is essential. ICP manufacture Pneumatic Caliper Brakes for numerous types of braking, such as cable tension, emergency stopping, holding and cyclic stopping.  

ICP Pneumatic Caliper Brakes are directly interchangeable with Coremo Pneumatic Caliper BrakesThe rugged construction, efficiency and easy maintenance of these pneumatic caliper brakes guarantee a reduction in costs generated by eliminating machine down-times and reject production.

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