KEB Combitron

Brand: KEB
Code: KEB Combitron

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of KEB brakes and clutches. Products manufactured for starting, stopping, positioning, and safe holding of moving axes in machines and plants

KEB COMBITRON supply and control modules for electromagnetic clutches and brakes. For power supplies, a range of half-wave and bridge rectifiers is available for DC or AC switches, as well as high-speed circuit-breakers in the COMBITRON 98 series.

  • Nominal Voltage: 24 - 205 V DC
  • AC Voltage: 230 - 400 V AC
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KEB COMBITRON Rectifiers and Switches

See below Combitron range overview:

COMBITRON 91: Half-wave and bridge rectifiers from 0 - 720 V AC

COMBITRON 94: Electronic high-speed circuit-breakers for supply/control of two consumer units from 15 to 50 W.

COMBITRON 98: Fast-acting rectifiers for COMBISTOP for fast start-up or fast release (disconnection).

COMBITRON 98: Powerbox Eco – over 90% energy saving for COMBISTOP

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