AP Industrial Clutch - 11.5" Twin Drive Ring

Brand: AP Industrial Clutch
Code: 61367

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of AP Industrial power take-off clutches. Available in sizes 10" through to triple 14", with SAE 0 to SAE 4.

11.5" twin drive ring is a precision-built product, with generous load factors that work to minimize service costs. Built for AP Industrial Clutch 11.5" power take-off clutches.

  • Teeth: 72
  • OEM Number: 61367
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AP Industrial Clutch - 11.5" Twin Drive Ring 

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AP Industrial Clutch 61367
Product PTO
Brand AP Industrial Clutch
Industry Applications Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Irrigation, Quarry & Mining, Engine Driven Equipment.
Actuation Method Mechanical
Actuation Type Active
Compares With Anderton, AP Industrial Clutch, Kraft Power, NACD, PJPower, Rockford, Technodrive, Twin Disc
Clutch Type Power Take Off
Mounting Type Engine
Number Of Teeth 72