Goizper Hydraulic Brakes - 6.42 & 6.42B Series

Brand: Goizper
Code: 6.42 & 6.42B

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Goizper hydraulic brakes. Available in various sizes that cover a wide range of torques.

Goizper 6.42 & 6.42B are hydraulic safety brakes. Manufactured to operate when no oil pressure is applied, due to the pressure being removed naturally or by default. 

  • Torque: 415 - 8,625 Nm
  • Max. speed: 3500 rpm 
  • Conditions: wet & dry 
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Goizper Hydraulic Safety Brakes - 6.42 & 6.42B Series

Goizper 6.42 & 6.42B models are negative safety brake. Best suited for hydraulic drive motors of excavator wheels, cranes, winches, agricultural tractors, machine tools and servo-presses, and various hydraulically driven machines. The brakes are applied in the absence of oil pressure by a series of springs. When oil pressure is applied, the shaft is released.  

Designed to stop if no oil pressure is applied, either from the pressure being removed naturally or by default. The negative safety brakes are fed through the brakes fixed part, resulting in no revolving connector being required to feed it.

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Product Brake
Brand Goizper
Industry Applications Hydraulically driven machines
Actuation Method Hydraulic
Torque Rating 415 - 8625 Nm