Nexen Precision Ring Drive Rotary Indexer System

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen PRD

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Nexen Ring Drive Systems. The precision ring drive system (PRD) comes complete with a precision grade bearing and drive mechanism in a rigid housing to simplify the selection process.

Nexen (PRD) delivers precise, high-speed positioning for indexing and rotary applications. The PRD table is supported by a high-capacity cross roller bearing rated for loads up to 1575 kN. Peak torque inputs at any time allow for indexing times up to 2x faster than the competition.

  • Indexing Precision: up to ±11 ArcSec
  • Repeatability: up to ±1.2 ArcSec
  • Max. Speeds: 94 RPM
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Nexen Precision Ring Drive Rotary Indexer System 

Nexen's ring drive indexer system is based on innovative roller pinion technology. Both the compact ring drive (CRD) and precision ring drive (PRD) enhances rotary positioning operations by providing unmatched positional accuracy, high rigidity and acceleration, low maintenance, and long life service.

Nexen PRD indexers provide higher accuracy and repeatability compared to similar indexing technologies. The unique design offers maximum efficiency, low noise operations, and moderate speeds. Combining Nexen's RPS technology with a precision-grade bearing and gearhead takes indexing or rotary positioning systems to a higher level of performance and opens up new design possibilities to next-generation machines.

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Product Indexer
Brand Nexen
Compares With Horton
Accuracy up to 11 ±ArcSec
Repeatability up to 1.2 ±ArcSec
Inertia 1.39 - 112.95 kgm²
Torque Rating 544 - 1870 Nm
Inner Diameter 280 - 1330 mm
Outside Diameter 550 - 1750 mm