Rexnord Autogard Torque Limiter - 200 Series

Brand: Rexnord Autoguard
Code: Autogard 200 Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Rexnord Autogard torque limiters. The overload protection devices prevent costly machine and drive damage. 

Rexnord Autogard 200 series is the original Rexnord Autogard torque limiter. A trusted and cost-effect design that will disengage at a pre-set torque value. Installed in thousands of industrial applications worldwide.

  • Torque: up to 8,747 Nm
  • Shaft sizes: up to 102 mm
  • Compares with: Browning Torq Pro TP
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Rexnord Autogard Torque Limiter - 200 Series

Rexnord Autogard torque limiters excel in overload protection. The precision-engineered products offer bi-directional protection, increased accuracy of torque limitation, and longer life at high speeds. Designed for light-duty to heavy-duty applications and specially engineered environments. 

200 series is the original standard torque limiter. It is a simple and cost-effective design that will disengage at a pre-set torque value. The torque limiter has a massive install base to assist a wide range of industrial applications.

The standard design operates under large torque ranges. In the event of a jam, the 200 series removes the threat of damage by disconnecting the inertia in the drive train at a pre-set torque-level. This process enables the user to return to work quickly with a simple and repeatable re-set process.

Reset types:

  • AC type - automatic rapid reset - standard
  • ACT type - automatic synchronous reset - optional
  • AF type - freewheeling, manual reset - optional

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand Rexnord Autoguard
Industry Applications paper & packaging, paper converting, food & beverage, material handling, automotive
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Browning
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Max. RPM 2000
Torque Rating up to 8,747 Nm