Rexnord Autogard Torque Limiter - 320 Series

Brand: Rexnord Autoguard
Code: Autogard 320 Series

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Rexnord Autogard torque limiters. The overload protection devices prevent costly machine and drive damage. 

Rexnord Autogard 320 series meets the need for a compact and reliable safety clutch. A robust, backlash-free torque limiter that protects equipment from overloading a drive train.

  • Torque: 3 - 1500 Nm
  • Rest types: manual & automatic
  • Compares with: Mayr EAS-Compact, Brunel JC & JB
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Rexnord Autogard Torque Limiter - 320 Series

Rexnord Autogard torque limiters excel in overload protection. The precision-engineered products offer bi-directional protection, increased accuracy of torque limitation, and longer life at high speeds. Designed for light-duty to heavy-duty applications and specially engineered environments.

320 series torque limiter is a high-quality unit, designed to meet the need for a compact and reliable safety clutch. The optimized design creates a robust and backlash-free clutch that protects crucial equipment from damaging effects caused by overloading a drive train.

The compact and robust construction reduces weight and inertia on machine equipment. The standard model accommodates larger torques compared to other models currently available on the market. The spring design can be inspected and changed without removing the clutch from the drive train to save time on maintenance operations. The coil springs allow one standard design to accommodate the full torque range as opposed to regressive disc springs that can only accommodate a narrow torque band.

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand Rexnord Autoguard
Industry Applications conveyor drives, coal feeder conveyor, packaging equipment
Actuation Method Mechanical
Compares With Bibby Turboflex, Mayr
Bore Size up to 65 mm
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Max. RPM 300
Torque Rating 3 - 1500 Nm