Rexnord Monitorq - Process Torque Monitoring

Brand: Rexnord Autoguard
Code: Rexnord Monitorq

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of Rexnord Autogard torque limiters. The overload protection devices prevent costly machine and drive damage.

Rexnord Autogard Monitorq is a torque monitoring system. Engineered to communicate a reliable and efficient measurement of torque from any location in a drive train. 

  • Overload torque: 1000 - 70,000 Nm
  • Max. speed: 5000 rpm
  • IP rating: IP65
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Rexnord Monitorq - Process Torque Monitoring 

Rexnord Autogard Monitorq provides a reliable measurement of torque from any location in the drive train. The rugged design fights against the toughest demands of industrial applications and provides an accurate one percent of selected full-scale torque. It is an inductive power system to avoid unnecessary changes in batteries. The standard output signal is ready to input into any existing control system. 

Rexnord Monitorq enhances equipment performance by providing a variety of functions. The specialist design offers condition monitoring of rotating equipment, real-time torque feedback for process equipment, precise torque control and protection of machinery.

A robust and trusted torque measuring device that can be integrated into a driveline using standard power transmission products such as couplings, pulleys, and gears. With a proven strain-gauge design is can be used with a short-range telemetry system, to measure and transmit real-time torque data.

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Product Torque Limiter
Brand Rexnord Autoguard
Actuation Method Mechanical
Clutch Type Torque Limiter
Max. RPM 5000
Torque Rating 40,000 Nm