Sibre Disc Brake TEXU

Brand: Sibre
Code: Sibre TEXU

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Sibre service or emergency stop brakes for heavy-duty operations. 

Sibre TEXU is a twin operating caliper disc brake. The braking force will be transmitted to the brake disc on two symmetrically points. Specifically designed for hoist drives on container cranes and hot metal cranes.

  • Torque range: 3000 - 30,000 Nm
  • Outside diameter: 500 - 900 mm
  • Max. Temp: 650°C
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Sibre Disc Brake TEXU - Twin Caliper Disc Brake

Sibre TEXU disc brakes are specifically built for hoist drives in container cranes and hot metal cranes. Designed to transmit a braking force via two uniformed points which increases the torque and coefficient of friction. 

TEXU disc brakes create a safe emergency stop system from over-speed. The special design actuates both calipers with two parallel mounted spring tubes in relation to only one concentrically mounted thruster. By closing the brake, the force of the springs will be evenly distributed by the linkage to both pairs of brake levers. 

Overall costs are reduced on the gearbox as the distance between the input and output shaft has shortened. The smaller bearing of the input shaft reduces costs on the brake disc, therefore reducing investment and operating costs.

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Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Container Cranes, Conveyor Belts, Bucket Wheel Excavators
Actuation Method Electro Hydraulic
Brake Type Disc
Compares With Bubenzer
Friction Coefficient 0.60
Friction Material Sintered
Torque Rating 3000 - 30,000 Nm
Outside Diameter 500 - 900 mm
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