Sibre Disc Brake USB

Brand: Sibre
Code: Sibre USB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of Sibre service or emergency stop brakes for heavy-duty operations. 

Sibre USB 'Heroes' disc brakes are the result of the continuous research and development performed by Sibre. Designed for the specific demands of crane-, lifting- and material handling applications.

  • Braking torque: 100 - 29,000 Nm
  • Centre height: 160 - 370 mm
  • Standard sizes: USB-5 05, USB-5 I, USB-5 II, USB-5 III, USB 5 V
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Sibre Disc Brake Type USB - Service Brake for Crane Applications

Sibre USB brakes have been designed considering the specific demands of crane-, lifting- and material handling applications.

The specialist design provides a combination of spring and weight applied brakes ideal for service and emergency braking requirements in cranes, conveyors, and opencast mining.

ICP supplies a complete range of USB disc brakes. The braking system is equipped with replaceable and low cost sintered brake pads, standard material brake discs, wear compensator, and a square spring tube with a graduated torque scale to facilitate torque adjustment.


  • Improved brake linings increase the lifetime
  • Parallel opening of brake shoes minimizes the risk of sliding between disc and linings
  • Optimized spring guiding unit  reduces noise emission 
  • manual release system increases operational safety for manual load lowering
  • Enhanced corrosion protection 

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Product Brake
Brand Sibre
Industry Applications Hoists, Container Cranes, Belt Conveyor Systems, Bucket Wheel Excavators, Gantry Cranes
Actuation Method Electro Hydraulic
Brake Type Disc
Brake Disc Diameter 200 - 1000 mm
Friction Coefficient 0.40
Friction Material Sintered
Torque Rating 100 - 29,000 Nm
Weight Range 285 kg without Thruster