WPT Low Inertia Spring Set Brakes

Brand: WPT
Code: WLB-OA-000 D SSB

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a complete range of WPT low inertia brakes. Ideally suited for high cycle applications or general brake duties.

WPT low inertia spring set brakes are designed for through-shaft or end-shaft mounting and provide applications with fail-safe brake features.

  • Static torque: 260 - 1,301,800 Nm
  • Certification: DNV, ABS, ATEX
  • Options: Marine corrosion available
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WPT Low Inertia Spring Set Brakes

WPT low inertia spring set brakes are designed for through-shaft or end-shaft mounting, to provide applications with a fail-safe brake feature. The spring-applied, air released brake is used for high cycle and general brake or holding duties. 

The low inertia spring set brake has a ventilation system designed to provide greater heat dissipation and work under extreme temperatures. Installation is simple and quick with no adjustment or lubrication needed, creating sustainable and efficient performances.  

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Product Brake
Brand WPT
Industry Applications Metal Forming, Stamping Equipment, General Power Transmission
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Actuation Type Passive
Brake Type Spring Applied
Compares With Wichita
Bore Size 22.2 - 480 mm
Brake Disc Diameter 187 - 914 mm
Inertia 0.010 - 617 J
Max. Slip Speed 2620 - 325 Nm
Mounting Type Flange
Overall Dimension 222 - 1790 mm
Torque Rating 275 - 634,500 Nm
Outside Diameter 4" through to 60"