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Nexen Air Engaged K-Brake Hinge Top

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Nexen Air Engaged K-Brake Hinge Top

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Code: Nexen Air Engaged K-Brake Hinge Top
Brand: Nexen

Nexen Air Engaged K-Brake Hinge Top

Nexen's Air Engaged Hinge Top Drum Brakes are ideal for high torque slow speed control applications.

Hinge Top Drum Brakes Models:

  • 4K

  • 8K

  • 12K 

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Nexen Air Engaged K-Brake Hinge Top

The hinged design enables for a removable brake drums. Each model allows you to customize your drum bore. Air actuated for accurate, economical operation. Long-wearing friction linings.


  • 4, 8 and 12-inch Drum sizes available

  • Static torque at 6 bar: 89Nm (4K, Loco); 150Nm (4K, Std); 174Nm (8K, Loco); 290Nm (8K, Std); 276Nm (12K, Loco); 460Nm (12K, Std) 

  • Drum diameters: 101.6mm(4"), 203.2mm(8"), 304.8mm(12") 

  • Max. speed: 5500 RPM 

  • Bores: 0-100mm 

  • Thermal Horsepower rating up to 3.000 HPt


  • High cooling capacity. 

  • High friction work capacity.

  • Self adjusting for friction wear.

  • Standard or Low coeffecient facings.

  • Shaft Mounted Design.

  • Long-wearing friction linings.

  • Top side opens for easy drum or roll exchange supplied with self adjusting support bracket. 


Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Brake
Brand Nexen
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Industry Applications Dynamic braking, Cyclic stops, Tension control & Holding
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Bore Size 0-100mm
Compares With Horton
Max. RPM 5500
Torque Rating Static Torque capacity up to 3750 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi
Outside Diameter 101.6mm(4"), 203.2mm(8"), 304.8mm(12")
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