Nexen Enclosed Clutch/Brake Type FMCBE-BISSC

Brand: Nexen
Code: Clutch/Brake Type FMCBE-BISSC

Nexen Enclosed Clutch/Brake Type FMCBE-BISSC

BISSC Approved - Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee. 

  • Flange Mounted

  • Enclosed

  • Optional Input Shaft and Feet.

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Nexen Enclosed Clutch/Brake Type FMCBE-BISSC

Nexen's FMCBE-BISSC clutch/brake provides food-production machine builders with built-in hygiene features to prevent contamination.

The FMCBE BISSC-approved (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee) clutch/brake is ideal for any environment where cleanliness is a primary concern.


  • Lasts longer

  • Uses 1/3 less power

  • 30% less reaction time

  • 40% more torque

  • 30% more thermal horsepower. 

  • Featured in electroless nickel plating to resist corrosion.


  • NEMA input and output flanges 

  • BISSC certified (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee) 

  • Clutch torque: 190 Inlb (22Nm) at 6bar 

  • Brake torque: 210 Inlb (24Nm) at 6bar 

  • Enclosed design 

  • High cooling capacity 

  • Shaft diameter: 0.625" or 0.875" 

Optional Input Unit available and a double-acting piston design to prevent overlap of clutch and brake functions.

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Product Type Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand Nexen
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Industry Applications Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Food Handling/Processing, Bakery Machinery, Beverage Equipment, Meat/Dairy Processing, Measuring & Dispensing, or any operation where Moisture, Dirt or Corrosion is a problem
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Bore Size From 0.500 to 1.375"
Compares With Horton
Max. RPM 1800