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Nexen Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes LCB-600 & MCB-800

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Nexen Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes LCB-600 & MCB-800

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Code: Nexen LCB-600 & MCB-800
Brand: Nexen

Nexen Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes LCB-600 & MCB-800

Nexen has redesigned the through-shaft clutch-brake series, improving performance and lowering costs.

  • Air Champ Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes Models: LCB-600 & MCB-800

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Nexen Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes LCB-600 & MCB-800

With fewer parts and more torque, this line of clutch-brakes offers single piston engagement to eliminate clutch and brake overlap. The clutch-brake pilot accommodates pulleys, sprocket mounting or coupling attachments. Versatility and ease of use make these products ideal for numerous industrial applications. 

Results have shown Nexen's Air Champ series of Clutch/Brakes provide a greater Torque Transmission and Thermal Capacity.  Therefore, the productivity of air clutches and brakes will have a longer operating life due to a greater thermal capacity.


  • Static Torque capacity up to 124 Nm, 1100 In. Lbs. @ 5,5 Bar, 80 psi

  • Clutch Torque: LCB-600 - 51Nm & MCB-800 - 124Nm

  • Brake Torque: LCB-600 - 51Nm & MCB-800 - 124Nm

  • Maximum Operating Speed: LCB-600 - 1800 rpm & MCB - 2000 rpm

  • Thermal Capacity ratings up to 0,45 kW, 0.60 HPt for both the clutch and the brake

  • Mounted on driven shaft

  • Bore Sizes: LCB-600 - 25,4mm & MCB-800 - 38,1mm


Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Type Combination Clutch/Brake
Brand Nexen
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Industry Applications Packaging, Material Handling, Food Processing, Automotive, Wood Products, Printing, and Converting Industries
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Bore Size LCB-600 25.4mm & MCB-800 38.1mm
Compares With Horton
Clutch Type Clutch/Brake
Mounting Type Shaft
Torque Rating Clutch torque: 40 to 125Nm at 5.5bar Brake torque: 40 to 125Nm at 5.5 bar
OEM Numbers
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