Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Type BD

Brand: Nexen
Code: Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Type BD

Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Type BD


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Nexen Spring Engaged Caliper Type BD

Caliper for disc brake.


  • Static torque capacity up to 19,000 in.lbs.

  • Actuators mount on either side of the brake.

  • Air connections can be rotated 360 degrees around actuator axis.

  • All pivot points have life-lubricated bearings.

  • Optional discs from 12 to 24 inch diameters.

  • Disc speeds up to 3200 rpm with 14 inch discs.


  • Static torque factor at 0 bar: 7940N (STD facings); 4760N (LOCO facings) 

  • Minimum release pressure: 5bar 

  • Minimum disc diameter : 305mm 

  • Offset: 0.035m 

  • Static Torque = (Disc radius - Offset) x static torque factor 

  • Static Torque at 0 bar on a 0.610m (24") 

  • Diameter disc: 2150Nm 

  • Disc Thickness: 12.5mm 


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Product Type Brake
Brand Nexen
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Industry Applications Emergency stopping, Controlled deceleration, Dynamic stopping, Tension control, Holding Linear brake...
Actuation Method Pneumatic
Brake Type Caliper
Compares With Horton
Torque Rating Up to 19,000 In.lbs.