Permanent Magnet Brake - PMB Series

Brand: ICP
Code: PMB

ICP permanent magnet brakes engage when the electrical power supply is off. The braking force is generated by permanent magnets instead of springs, mainly used in fail-safe applications to automatically stop the drive when the electrical power fails. 

PMB series brakes are composed of a single plate and armature. There is zero-backlash due to the diaphragm armature and no residual drag torque from the springs.  

  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Static torque: 0.02 - 140 Nm 
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Permanent Magnet Power Off Brake - Zero Backlash

1. Brake Operation

  • When the current is cut off, the magnetic force of the permanent magnet engages an armature plate and produces rated torque.

2. Brake Release

  • When the coil is energised, the excitation voltage reaches a certain level.
  • The magnetic force of the permanent magnet will be neutralised by the reverse pole of the magnetic force generated from the coil.
  • The induction force between an armature plate and the yoke will also disappear which releases the brake.

3. Installation

  • The axial float of the machine shaft should not exceed 0.05 mm
  • Ensure a consistently flat and smooth power supply i.e. pure DC voltage or fully rectified AC supply.
  • Make sure the brakes are used in dry conditions. If metal filings or dust are present in the area make sure to enclose the brake in dustproof housing.
  • If initial torque is less than catalog specification, operate the brake in dynamic conditions (30-60 rpm) for up to 50 cycles until friction faces are burnished.
  • PMB brakes can operate at 0-40°C ambient. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity.

4. Structure

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Product Brake
Brand ICP
Industry Applications robotics, servo motors, positioning
Actuation Method Electric
Brake Type Permanent Magnet
Torque Rating 0.4 - 140 Nm
Voltage 24V